In March 2020 we were registered with the Charities Commission to:

“promote and protect the physical and mental health of serving and former members of the emergency services (fire, ambulance, police and coastguard) medical and nursing professionals and the armed forces, through the provision of recreational space and activities, support, education and practical advice.”

Our strategic aims:

  • To reduce the levels of stress experienced
  • To build mental resilience in managing stress, thereby reducing vulnerability to burnout
  • To inform participants’ organisations how their workplace can be adapted to reduce the likelihood of burnout amongst their staff.

How will we do this?

We will develop

…a retreat program where stress management skills and mental resilience training is provided.

We have

the use of 87 acres of land in Worcestershire, on the Malvern Hills, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, to deliver the retreat.

We aim

to roll the retreat program across the country and establish an online resource,for the benefit of all.

We will become

a Centre of Excellence to increase personal effectiveness, reduce stress and stay happy.

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