Our Goal – to help the emergency services, NHS, military and coastguard manage stress and prevent burnout.

So what is Reset?


…personal experience from the emergency services and burnout.


…how burnout can affect an individual and their families.


…see how competing demands, diminishing resources and constant change places stress on individuals.


…to help individuals manage stress and organisations become healthier environments for their staff.

How to help right now…

Sending coffee to Intensive Care Units across the UK with the simple message of:

  • STEP AWAY from the Tech
  • BREATHE – in for 5 secs, out for 10, for 2 mins
  • THINK of one thing you are proud of today
  • CONNECT with someone, share it, smile.

You can give an NHS hero time out so they don’t burn out by texting CUPPA to 70085 and donating just £2.

*Texts cost £2 plus a std rate msg*

Our Journey

  • Applied for registration in March 2019 from the Charities Commission England
  • Awarded registration in March 2020
  • Immediately recognised the implications for our emergency services from the COVID Pandemic
  • Launched our “Give Timeout To Prevent Burnout” Campaign –

Reset – Timeout Not Burnout